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Become a UK Mystery Shopper

Get paid to go shopping

To start your Mystery Shopper application please click the button below 

Mystery Shopping / Secret Shopping is a fun, interesting and exciting way to earn extra cash.

Working as a Mystery Shopper or Secret Shopper can usually be fitted in around other day to day commitments, as in most cases, the Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper assignment can be carried out at any time the store is open, including late night shopping and weekends. So even if you already work full time it is still possible to earn extra money in your free time.

The payment for each Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper assignment does vary, depending on what is involved, but is usually between $30 and $100 per completed assignment, our pay rates are some of the highest in the industry!


A Secret Shopper or Mystery Shopper is required to visit and comment on the customer service received in retail stores, restaurants, takeaways, hotels, motels, beauty salons and many other types of businesses. The only common thread is that the business will offer some type of customer service.


We would just like to point out that a Mystery Shopper and a Secret Shopper is exactly the same thing but maybe known under many different names, Mystery Shopper and Secret Shopper are the most common names.


Secret shopping or Mystery Shopping is a form of market research work, that requires an individual to play the role of a genuine customer to objectively gather information on the business being studied.


Mystery Shopping usually involves commenting on employee performance and the overall perception of your shopping experience, in essence, how you would rate the service you received during your shopping experience, you get paid to go shopping.


We are looking for persons with either Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper experience or a good level of literacy and a great memory. We are looking for reliable people from all walks of life.


To qualify to become a Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper you will be required to have access to a computer with an Internet connection and be able to follow instructions. Please only apply if you meet the above-mentioned criteria and are very reliable, honest, motivated, well presented and hard working.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please review the Secret Shopper guidelines (button located above), then start your application. It is VERY important that you review the guidelines in full first, BEFORE making your application.


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​Sunday: Closed

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